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Natural Exhilaration by Di Westaway e-Book

Natural Exhilaration by Di Westaway e-Book

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Natural Exhilaration is a women’s health book of stories and science to entertain, educate and inspire you to lead a life you love.

If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to get healthier and happier you can use Di’s Adventure Mindset model to take on your own adventures, jumpstart your head and heart and energise your life. As in adventure, so in life. These experiences will build mental toughness, resilience and power to help you shine.

You will also learn how to implement Di’s Rituals of Joy for your daily dose of happiness. The Daily Rituals of Joy are neuroscience-backed self-care rituals to create delight and joy every day. These practices will help create daily habits that keep your hormones happy.

What they say about Natural Exhilaration...

“Di is an extraordinary woman who has me quite baffled. How she manages to achieve all she does and help so many along the way is an absolute mystery. Find the secret inside this book.” Gretel Killeen | Comic

“In this outstanding publication, Di highlights the medicinal and healing powers of active adventures in nature with life changing plans that help ordinary women achieve extraordinary goals.” Dr Paul Batman | Exercise Physiologist

“Unlike much health advice, Di’s work is based on sound scientific evidence. This book has advice that’s worth reading and following to get more life into your years.” Professor Garry Egger | Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

“No matter your age or fitness level, there’s a story in here of someone just like you – women empowered to overcome their fears, find their strength and reclaim their health and happiness. I hope you will join them.” Heather Swan | Mother, Adventurer, Keynote Speaker

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